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- How old do you have to be to buy fireworks?

The legal age to buy fireworks in the Uk is 18 year. Picture ID will be required if you look under the age of 25.

- Is there any fireworks I can hold?

NO, each firework has its own label and clearly states how it should be ignited and what distance you need to be away. NEVER HOLD A FIREWORK!

- Do you offer a delivery service?

Currently we are in store only.

- When can I let Fireworks off?
You can let off fireworks any day of the year but not after 11.00pm or before 7.00am with the following exceptions 

- Until 1.00am following the first day of Chinese New Year 

- Until midnight on Nov. 5th

- Until 1.00am on the day following Diwali Day

- Until 1.00am on the day following Dec. 31st

- When can I buy fireworks from Middleton Firework Shop?

Our store is open from October 15th to November 10th for Bonfire Night

For New Years Eve or store opens from December 28th to December 31st.

- Are all the Fireworks you sell safe?

Yes, All Our Fireworks carry the CE mark. This indicates that they conform to the health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

Any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us either by email, phone or call in to store and speak to a member of staff.

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